March 16th. 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of granny



With March Break now over, I start thinking about the next holiday weekend (Easter) and all the lovely knitting things I could work on then… Since this March Break was way busier (with my children) than I had originally anticipated… Whereas much knitting and crocheting was done, I did not manage to finish any objects… I am so very close to a couple though… AND my flippant sweater is getting longer everyday! A few more rows and I will be able to split it up into front and back pieces. That will be exciting. My goal is to have this sweater finished for the Knitters Frolic at the end of April. Totally doable, I just can’t cast on anything else in the mean time. Hahaha. I will try not to.

If you live in the Toronto area, or can foresee yourself taking a day trip here… Your should try and get to the knitters frolic… It is amazing.


Follow THIS link for more information!

Happy knitting everyone!


4 thoughts on “March 16th. 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of granny

  1. If only I could frolic, I would! It sounds like fun! Unfortunately I live in Amsterdam so.. I have to investigate more if there are events like that in my area.. Wishing you loads of fun at the event and loads of knitting/crochet time so we can see your beautiful FO’s soon!

  2. Sounds like you had shennanigans with your kids. Are you like me where you love having them home but after awhile are glad to send them off back to school? This sounds like a super fun and delightful event. You will get that sweater done. Very cool how there’s a Japanese cultural center in Toronto. Is the Japanese population big there?

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