January 26th, 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of granny post

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we go again!



This week I finished a few things and have great progress with a couple other items. I seem to be splitting my time between knitting and crocheting fairly well too!

First with the finishes….

I made a quick stash busting project. It is a preemie cap for the local hospital… I plan in making more of them. No specific pattern…just from my head 🙂


And I finished this amazing cowl… Which was PERFECTLY timed for immediate use during this crazy polar vortex we have been having in Toronto…


Then I started and finished another test crochet pattern for the Scattered Dahlias group. This hat had crocheted CABLES in it. I love how these test patterns push my boundaries. This hat and one I made previously will likely go to the cancer treatment centre at my local hospital too.

I love the idea of doing things for Charity, and upon reading a blog from a fellow blogger last week I realized I could take in the same mind set. The Charity, Gift, Self rotation. I love the idea of it… I think it will help keep me on track with stuff I need to be knitting and crocheting verses the stuff I want to be making for myself.

So where are the gift and self projects you say? First I am going to speak briefly about the self project…

Well… I started this cute little shawl for myself.


It is a simple pattern on the label of the Red Heart Boutique yarn Unforgettable. This yarn is so amazingly soft and beautiful!

The gift project ties into the 52 weeks of Granny… squares! group on ravelry. I am making this tree skirt for my sister in law for Christmas 2014.


This is what I have created so far. 7 “squares” done. 5 to go.


Then I will have to get it OFF my granny group and keep it just on the YoP group, as it will be straight rows of doubles crochet… No more squares. Although, I may have to make more for other people…. Time will tell.

Have a great day everyone!


12 thoughts on “January 26th, 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of granny post

  1. Lovely finishes – I really like the cowl, it does look very cosy and the colour is gorgeous. Your tree skirt is coming along well and will look great – I love the colours there too, which will look good with the tree in place.

  2. Lovely cowl..yes the weather is CRAZY!!!!!!! I made several cowls myself…I like the tree skirt….I make lots of charity things will playing Nerd Wars on Ravelry..lots of hats…

  3. You just improvised that Preemie Cap? Amazing! That shawl will look amazing, I just know it. And I’ve never done crochet (or knit, for that matter) cables either, what a fun adventure!

  4. Busy, busy! Absolutely love the cowl! And after fighting through a blizzard in the Costco parking lot this aft, it looks like a very timely knit. I could have used one just like it!

    It feels great to knit for charity. Have you checked that your local hospital will accept a baby hat with a PomPom? I thought they preferred without … no matter how cute they are!

  5. Love your finished objects and how funny that we blogged about the same cowl! I can’t wait to start it-and finish it so I can wear it! I love the yarn color you used for it too. Your shawl will be gorgeous for sure also! Have a super week….

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