January 12th, 2014 YoP update.

Not a whole lot to report this week.

One of the hats I test crochet before Christmas went live… So I can share it here now…


It is a cute and glittery little hat. I gave it to my youngest niece for Christmas. My project page for it is here, and it links up to the published pattern as well!

In addition to working steadily through the WIP from 2013 and the luxurious baby alpaca scarf, I hooked on two more projects… Another hat to test crochet… Which I can’t share with you yet… and some granny squares for a tree skirt that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago here

There will be 12 of them needed in total. And I am making them with this pile of yarn.


I have made two of the 12 squares needed. Here is what one looks like.


They are lopsided on purpose, because when all twelve are made, they will be sewn together and go around the base of a Christmas tree. You can find my project page on Ravelry for it here.

You know what is cool about these granny squares? They also satisfy goals that have been set for myself in another group on Ravelry… That I just joined last weekend. It is called 52 weeks if granny…. Squares! You can find the group here

So even though there has not been any finishes this week, I still feel quite accomplished… As so many of these item should be completed in the next day or so… Wish me luck!


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