January 5th 2014 YoP update!

Good Morning! And Happy New Year!

Not much to post today. Still working on a wip for a test knit…

But there is one other thing I am working on, that since Wednesday, when I photo journaled all of my stash here , has been cast on. On Wednesday, I claimed I only had 1 wip. That was true… Then. Only I spent a lovely afternoon at The Purple Purl on Thursday. Working on my only wip. Got many pattern repeats finished. Then I got up to stretch and walk around the store… First mistake. Then I began touching, ooh-ing and aawww-ing… Second mistake. Then my feet stopped walking in front of some squishy yarn, and I read the label… Third mistake. I was hooked. Alpaca it said… Luxurious it said… I cuddled it and took it to the cash register… And sadly… I don’t remember anything after that… Until I am at home and it comes out of my bag.

This is it. All wound up and ready to go…


It is amazing to touch… And last night… When I celebrated in being half way done my test project (formerly my only wip), I cast on the 28 stitches required to make this

Here is what I have so far.


It is amazing. I would like to think that I will be done the test knit wip before this… But who am I kidding?

If you haven’t done so already… Please make sure to read my post from Wednesday… It is quite a sight. And believe it or not… There is a plan there, one for the rest of this YoP year, and one for 2014.

Happy knitting!


13 thoughts on “January 5th 2014 YoP update!

  1. Oh lovely squishy soft alpaca how could you resist it, even the most hardened of knitters could not. The cowl btw looks like it needs to be knit in this squishy yarn. I did hop over on Wednesday at some stage, I’m not sure if I commented but I loved all the yarn. I dare not do that with my yarn as I just don’t have the staying power to commit now projects to what is in my stash, add into that I probably have enough stash requiring projects to fill a few yop years πŸ˜‰

  2. The Purl is a dangerous place. You sit there enjoying your coffee enjoying all the pretty yarn around you and then something calls your name and insists on being fondled. And next thing you know you have a really expensive coffee.

    I knit my son thrummed mittens out of that yarn last year for his outdoor program. He loved them – I must really love him – it is really isn’t 4 yr old mitten yarn. (But it was great to knit with and they kept his hands warm

  3. Oh– I don’t think I would have been able to resist that yarn either and the pattern has now been bookmarked on Ravlery for future reference. πŸ™‚ I am going to pop over and read your Wednesday post–sounds like maybe you got super organized?

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