Confessions of a Stash-A-Holic (aka the plan for 2014)

So as I was prepping my crafting space yesterday, to be clean and organized for the new year, I began to photo document my stash… the way it is right now.. at the beginning of 2014.  And where it may now look like a lot to some… it is a lot for me…

As I introduce you to my lovelies (yup… I have a relationship with all the skeins and balls) I will outline my intent for them along with some links to patterns I want them to become.  There will be the year long intents and the ones I thing I can manage for the remainder of the 3rd year of the YoP I am currently a part of on

So here we go!

these will be washclothes for Christmas 2014 gifts

Let me introduce you to my smallest pile.  The cotton yarn pile.  As the caption says – their destiny is to become washcloths… likely to be used as gifts next Christmas.

I am not sure how many one little ball makes, so I may be adding more to this pile as the year progresses.  I am confident though, that I will be able to knit these ones photoed here by the end of June.  I will likely go with this pattern.


A sweater for me!

Some time ago I came across this pattern and decided I must make it for myself.  and the above yarn will be used for it.  Because I tend to be a slow knitter with bigger projects I would like to see myself finished the BACK panel by June and with any kind of luck, be finished the rest of it by the end of 2014.

Such a pretty pile!

This pile of lace weight yarn does not have a specific plan.  The blue one in the middle actually already has a pattern for a star stitch scarf inside its baggie.  That I will knit up.. soon.  I would like to see it completed by June.

Yarn Bowlz & Mohawk hats!

This Bernat Chunky Yarn is amazing for Yarn Bowlz and MoHawk Hats! (or dino hats for the younger crowd).  This little pile is destined to be more of those.  I am thinking that the Yarn Bowlz would be cool to sell at a craft fair… check out their pattern here.


cozy winter wear and kiddie sweaters

This pile is deceivingly small.  There is a lot here.  This yarn is always on sale at Michaels and with another one opening up near me soon, I fear that this pile may grow.  But hats and mitts for kids is perfect for this kind of yarn.  As is cute kiddie sweaters.  I don’t have specific patterns in mind for winter wear or sweaters, but I would like to see 2 pairs of mitts and 3 hats made with this yarn by June and and indescribable amount made by the end of 2014 🙂

Any ideas?

I won this skein at a Yarn Tasting.  It is really nice and I ant to make just the right thing with it… but the more I look at it the more I think, I will make it into something for a teacher next Christmas.  They always love the hand made stuff… such a nice change from chocolates and mugs…

Neat Yarn

I will make this.  One day.

I bought this kit at the Knitters Frolic in Toronto in April 2012 and it has been in my stash ever since.  It is a neat ‘flat’ yarn that I very much want to create into the cotton draped pullover.  I just don’t know when.  Hopefully I cast it on this year… but the next couple of photos are exactly why it remains on the ‘one day’ list.

Sock Yarn Addiction

This year I must make more socks.  and I must use this Vanilla Latte pattern to not take away from the amazing patterns and stripes each one of these balls has.

ruffle yarn

As much as I dislike making these kinds of scarves, they still appear to be popular and should sell fairly well at a craft fair in the fall.  These balls were on clearance… so naturally i couldn’t just buy one or two balls.  There are 16 there.  My goal is to make two a month for the next 8 months.  That is doable.  Hence I want to have 12 scarves made by the end of June.

Soft and Luxurious

This will be something else for me.  I loved the feel of the yarn.  I had a gift card, it was on sale.  The pattern on the band looks easy enough.  Hence, these two balls found their way home with me.

Sister in law request

I posted a picture on FaceBook a while ago about a cool-looking tree skirt pattern I found to crochet.  My sister in law immediately called me uo and asked if I would make it for her.  Her birthday is in November.  I have time.  I would like to see all the squares made by June then just piece it together for November.

LASTLY – my only WIP that was carried over from 2013 to 2014. (Drum Roll Please

Super SEEKRIT test knit

In years past I have had entirely too many things on my needles.  This year, the exact opposite happened.  One project.  Just one.  And it has to be done soon – so says the designer who wants to have the pattern published soon.


So that is it.  My stash out for all to see.  Thanks for taking the time to read this all the way through.  I am glad I documented it.  And now I feel like I have a certain purpose and vision for my 2014 knitting and crocheting projects.

Happy New Year!


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