December 29th 2013 YoP update

Wow 2013 went by so fast!

No a great year for me and my family… But we survived it and I am happy to be seeing a new year upon is on Wednesday.

Over the next few days I will be thinking about long and short term projects that I want to try and accomplish in the knitting and crocheting world this up coming year…

With this YoP officially half finished, I am sure I will be able to make it to the end of June and look forward to rejoining for the 4th YoP!

This week I began this really cool test knit cowl for a fellow YoP participant… I will reveal ore in the coming weeks as it progresses and she gives me the ok to share!

I also pushed out two quick projects… After thought Christmas gifts for people.

There is this,


A Mohawk hat for a buddy of my older son. Now they have similar hats. Joseph’s (my older son) hat is all black with black ‘hair’. The one I made for his friend is a black hat with blue ‘hair’ to match his jacket.

Last night and earlier today I made this,


It is a toilet paper cozy for my friend who just moved into a house of her own with her hubby (newlyweds). She loves owls and I sent her a really weird text last night asking her what colours her bathrooms were.

Good thing “out-of-left-field” questions like that are normalish for me… Needless to say though she was thrilled to find out what my yammerings were all about when I texted her a picture of the completed project a short time ago.

Fore, that is all I have to share for the moment. I must go pay attention to the test knit now and work on it for a while tonight. I want it off my needles before I work on a sweater for me!

Take care! Happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “December 29th 2013 YoP update

  1. Some years the end of the year is the best thing I find, it’s all the looking forward and new year full of possibilities that helps I think as well. Love the last minute afterthought gifts and that owl is too cute!

  2. I feel you on being ready for a new year–2013 wasn’t really bad for our family for the most part, but the last 2 weeks have brought some stress which will not be resolved for a couple of months yet. After that , I have high hopes for the new year. Your owl is adorable!
    Happy New Year–

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