December 22nd 2013 YoP update

Better late than never!

*WARNING* this is a picture-heavy post.

First off… Merry Christmas to one and all! Since this post was to be made 3 days ago…. I have plenty if good reason as to why it wasn’t up….

Surely you have heard of the Toronto IceStorm already? Maybe you have even been effected by it…

Well… My home and immediate surrounding area was greatly effected by it… We lost power at 9:45pm Saturday night and did not get it back again until yesterday afternoon… Around 2pm… Thus making my home powerless for nearly 65hours. And making me rather frustrated…

My family and I pulled through but we are very happy to be sleeping in our own beds tonight….

The following photo does not do the storm justice… But at least it is pretty.


In knitting news… Two more of the test crochet patterns were published at some point last week and I can now share their photos with you.


This is a Hat Scarf. Click HERE for this link to my project page so that you can learn more about it. I gave it to my mom for her Birthday this past weekend.


This is a soft and squishy slouchy beanie that I have opted to keep for myself. Follows project page link HERE for more info about it.

Since last post I also made a quick and fast cowl for my son’s newest teacher… Here is a quick photo.


I literally knit three kinds of yarn at the same time on large needles (size 50 I think). Took only a couple of hours….

Using the same ideology for a quick hat and cowl set for my friends daughter… I produced this set (the model is none other than yours truely…)



Christmas knitting is officially over and given out! All recipients loved their knit wear…. Even my brother who was touched at the thought that I took. The time to make him something.

Before I go… I will leave you with this happy pic of the hubby and myself… Taken at Christmas Dinner today!


Until next time!


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