November 24th 2013 YoP update

Let’s see… Finished two test knits… Of which I can’t show you… Yet.

Other than that… On a whim… I made this…

It is a princess crown for my younger niece. She turns 4 in a couple of weeks. It is her I will be making the sweater I posted about last week as well… My goal is to get on that this up coming week.

I completed one of the mitts for my brother and have just finished the cuff for the other one.


This is a photo of my hand with the finger and thumb tips peeping through.

Because of the test knits… These are the only two photos I can show you at the moment.

Lots of great ideas rumbling around in my head… Just need to knit and crochet faster so I can get to them into action.

Have a happy week everyone!


5 thoughts on “November 24th 2013 YoP update

  1. That is a great idea for a mitt..I want to see the finished pair..I’ve made fingerless and some with a cap..but never with the thumb and pointer exposed…wonderful… must have them!

  2. That finished mit is looking amazing, I’m so sure your brother will be so happy with them! Sigh.. just added the pattern to my queue, I have decided fiance must have them!

    • That is the one problem with this YoP group… Looking at all the projects on all the other blogs… We always find stuff that we then must make… In addition to our plan of projects already… *sigh*

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