Test Knit Tuesdays – an introduction


Good morning!

During my regular Wednesday morning routine today, I found myself reflecting on all the knitting and crocheting projects I have accomplished is year.

The ravelry group A Year of Projects blog-a-long Has been a significant motivator for my productivity, and the amazing world of test knitting/crocheting has been a huge motivation. This blog post tells the story of the test knitting/crocheting journey… Thus far.

Over this past summer, I stumbled on a tweet from a knitter that I follow and she was looking for a person to test crochet a pattern for her. I messaged her promptly inquiring about it and quickly a new obsession was born. Over the summer I test crochet that pattern, and two other knit patterns, for two different designers. One for a designer in Ireland and one for a local designer here in Toronto, Ontario…

I have fallen for this so hard that I even belong to test knit groups on ravelry…. Rachel Richardson Test Knits (the Ireland designer) and ScatteredDahlias Patterns. If you have ever wondered about test knitting or crocheting I highly recommend it.

Also, if you check out my other blog posts you will see lots of the patterns items I have tested since the summer.

By now you have probably wondered why the above graphic says “Test Knit Tuesdays”… And today is Wednesday! Well… Let me explain… I think I have decided to begin a semi-regular blogging instalment called “Test Knit Tuesdays”… Which from now on will take place on… You guessed it… Tuesdays.

I will still blog about the items In my year of projects posts… But likely go into more detailed accounts on Tuesdays.

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Test Knit Tuesdays – an introduction

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