October 27th, 2013 YoP update

I have some pretty exciting stuff to share in regards to knitting this week!

One of the test knits I worked on the summer was published on Ravelry this week! So I was able to link my project page to this pattern. And this is a picture of the test knit I did (which you will see as a featured image on the pattern page!!)


This amazing pattern was created by the fabulous Kate Atherley. She is a local knitter, teacher and pattern creator/editor In the Toronto area.

I also finished the hat/scarf/mitt set for my niece. You can find lots of the project info on that set HERE

Here is picture of the whole set…


I am now 25% of the way finished a test knit/crochet for a designer on ravelry. She has a goal to write 100 beanie/slouchy hat patterns in a year. It is pretty neat. You can find her group here

Next up will be another beanie test for the group mentioned above, then my sister fell in love with the fingerless mitts pictured above (not the ones from the set, but the text knit ones) and has kindly asked that a pair of those in grey be made for her. Naturally I said sure.

I must comment about these test knits I have done – even though my YOP progress does not appear clearly laid out, I have been accomplishing and gaining much more than the garments made this year. These test knits and crochet projects often have pattern elements that I under normal circumstances would not have attempted or delved into… But the upside, doing all of these tests, is making me a better knitter and crocheter. For that I am thankful and am encouraged.

Must get to bed as tomorrow/today is going to be quite busy. Have a good night!


11 thoughts on “October 27th, 2013 YoP update

  1. Love the test knit mittens…and yes pushing yourself with the test knits is a great way to learn new stitches or become comfortable with stitches you may not use all the time…

  2. Aren’t those mittens a wonderful reward for testing a pattern and pushing yourself to attempt something new?! They look amazing, I can understand why your sister asked for a pair! And I do think your niece will love you for giving her that set!

  3. I like how your niece will get a matching set. It’s perfect for her. The test knit mitts look light but warm enough. They look like fingering weight sweaters for the hands.

    • That is exactly what they are 😜 sweaters for my hands

      My niece is super excited for the set… She picked out the colour and had a say in a lot of it… Easier that way with an almost 13yrold… That way I know she use them!

  4. Cool, and Congrats. Do you like being a guinea pig for all those test knits? Think I would find that difficult, testing out a pattern with no one to ask a question of cause no one else has made them.

    • I love being a guinea pig. Test knits are exactly for that though. Ask the designer questions based off the rough copy of her pattern so that it is more user friendly for when it is published.
      And have no problem asking questions 🙂

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