October 20th, 2013 YoP update

Not a whole lot to report this week.

I finished the mutli-yarn cowl….


and I knit another hat for my niece – to replace the silly pom pom one. I also knit some booties for the pram set… as I looked at the first set I crocheted and they are REALLY small…. so now my coworker and give the parents to be 2 prs of booties. there are not photos for the hat or the booties as they look pretty similar to previous photos i have posted of the first drafts of these items…

I have also started some fingerless mitts to go with the scarf and hat set for my neice. The first one is close to being done.


I know I promised the more official list would be ready for this week… but I had not anticipated getting sick, and then the kiddies getting sick AND the hubby getting sick… All of whome had to get better quickly – as the hubby is away this up coming week in Myrtle Beach and the older son leaves for a three day two night trip with his grade six class first thing tomorrow morning.

So now that we are all better, and two of the 4 of us will be away next week (mommy happy dance) I think the getting a list together may be something manageable for me…

Have a great week every one!


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