October 13th, 2013 YoP update

Good Morning! and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

This past week was pretty productive on the knitting front! All the pieces of the Pram Sweater got finished and sewn together! I also started and finished a coordinating bonnet, as well as made some booties to finish it off. And even better? I believe my mom is almost finished the blanket.

Here is what the set looks like…


I am pretty happy with it. It think the lady who asked me for it will be too!

So to stay focussed and busy, I cast on what I hope will be a quick knit. It may be for me, I may give it to someone at Christmas. I haven’t quite yet decided…

but it is this…


The ends will be sewn together to make an infinity scarf/cowl.

I love this yarn. I love how there are many different kinds of fibre all in one ball. The texture of the finished product is very cool.


Red Heart makes this yarn… I have used it before for a similar creation… only the item photoed above will be a little wider.

You may see an official list posted by me next week… my YoP/Christmas knitting list. I have had it mentally rattling around in my brain for sometime, but now that the baby sweater set is finished, I feel that I am ready to commit and put my list in print….

For the moment however, I must go and finish getting ready for church and preparing myself for house guests this afternoon… it being thanksgiving here and all…

Happy Knitting!!


8 thoughts on “October 13th, 2013 YoP update

    • The yarn for the infinity scarf is very cool… The yarn chosen for the baby set… Not so much. I will never use it again. The gal who wanted me to do the set picked it. Next time I will say please let me choose it…

  1. Cute little sweater, I’m sure the lady will be thrilled with it. Love the colors and textures in your scarf…fun to see how it shapes up, with variegated yarn you really don’t know until it unfolds while you work.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! That baby set is absolutely adorable – guaranteed the new Mom will treasure it!

    And a cowl or a blanket or something cozy – that’s the perfect pattern choice for that lovely multi-textured yarn. My Mom had an afghan with longways stripes of something like that and it was her absolute fave 🙂

    • Nope. It isn’t hard at all… I love it. And keeping gauge isn’t necessarily all that important either, so changing from fuzzy yarn to ribbon type yarn and back again is fairly straight forward.

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