September 29th YoP update

Not a hugely productive week with knitting. I was otherwise distracted by the huge undertaking of getting the beginning of year BBQ and meet the teacher night executed at the boys’ school.

Now that that is over, I can set my sights if being a little more productive on the knitting front this week.

I did manage to complete the left and right front panels of the baby pram sweater I wrote about last week.


Now I just need to get through the back, 2 sleeves and a collar.

As a healthy diversion from the sweater, I also began making another yarn bowl. It hasn’t been as fast as the first one I made. Thinner yarn. But it is sturdy!


Yes it is brown. But I quite like it… I am thinking of adding some pink trim.

Another thing I did this week was check out the grand opening of a Michaels very close toy home. I usually have to drive for 20 to 30 minutes to get to one… But this one was only about a 7 minute drive away!

They have some grand opening specials. For fibre enthusiasts… They have the Loops and Threads IMPECCABLE yarn on sale for $1.99 a ball.

Yes this yarn is 100% acrylic… But for hats and mots for two rough and tumble boys… I am ok with that.

With the stage they are at, the nicer and more luxurious the fibre is, the less likely I am going to make them something with it 🙂


This pile cost me $30 Canadian and is destined for many kid-friendly projects in the future… And maybe even some yarn bowlz!

Happy knitting!


6 thoughts on “September 29th YoP update

  1. The sweater is looking great and I love the brown yarn bowl. I think brown’s and greys are great colours and sometimes get put aside in favour of other colours but they are great backdrop colours that every other colour looks great against. How wonderful to have a yarn place that close and I don’t think there is anything wrong with acrylic yarn each yarn has its place in different projects and for children you are better having a percentage of acrylic, it makes it easier for wear and tear and washing.

  2. Yah on getting a craft store near your house. Convenience can be such a great thing and time saver. September was a busy month for us too at school. I was exhausted. Glad you survived everything.I give your props for knitting a seaming project. That kind of pattern terrifies me.

  3. You must be close to me, because the Pickering Michael’s just opened on Friday. I like being able to pop in and pick up whatever I need, especially on a Sunday. Today I used my 40% off coupon for some soap to recreate into Christmas shapes.

    • Likely around the corner 😄
      I left my children’s school on Friday at 8:50am after dropping them off… Ran home for a quick second and was at the Pickering Michaels at 9:02…

  4. I agree–practical yarn is a must when knitting for children–especially those rough and tumble boy types! I am glad you have the BBQ behind you–always a challenge, balancing responsibilities and things we want to do purely for fun. Your yarn bowls are tuning out so cute—such a practical little item with so much possibility for embellishment.

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