September 8th 2013 YoP update

Wow… Here we are again. Another YoP update!

With school back in this past week… Knitting went a lot slower than in past weeks… Although I did manage to finish a hat as part of a Christmas gift for my 12 yer old niece.

She asked me ages ago to make her a hat and scarf set (with mittens) for Christmas this year. And it had to be lavender. I guess when you are 12, you are very sure about what you want 🙂

The pattern I used for the hat is heavily modified from the pattern shown here.

Here are a couple of photos of it.



This is my first attempt at making a Pom Pom. Not sure that I love it… But I have time to perfect it.

Once this hat was completed… I got right to work on the scarf… Where I am following the pattern exactly as it is written, although I went a couple of sizes up in needles, because I wanted the scarf for my niece to be squishy-er.

Here is a picture of what it looks like so far…


I must be getting faster at my knitting and crocheting projects… It feels like I have completed so much so far this year… And a cool thing? People are approaching me more and more to create something for them! I love doing that kind of thing… I must just learn to pace myself and not take too much on.

Any way.. I must go to sleep soon. It is technically early Sunday morning… But I have yet to turn in for the (Saturday) night!

Have a good knitting week everyone!


8 thoughts on “September 8th 2013 YoP update

  1. That’s such a pretty hat and scarf set and I love the pom pom, although I hate making them myself and usually find one of my teens to make them for me,lol.

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