September 1st 2013 YoP update

Welcome to my September 1st 2013 Year of Projects post!

With the last week of summer now behind us… I have been extremely busy getting ready for the kids to go back to school!

Very little knitting has been done this week 😦

However. I am almost done my secret test knit for Kate Atherley. You can find her blog here

For her test knit I chose the most awesome fibre. A sock yarn from indigodragonfly and it has THE BEST colour way name I have ever seen… It is called SARGASM. An amazingly vibrant shade of purple.

I am very excited to finish this test knit… And for the nod to make it known. The process has not been without its hiccups… But as I reflect on the whole thing… I realize that the possible challenges were within me and not the pattern itself… Whereas I do think of myself as an advanced knitter… I sometimes struggle with abbreviations within patterns. But often middle through.

It is all a learning process I suppose… And I am happy to be well emerged within it!

Happy knitting and until next time!



8 thoughts on “September 1st 2013 YoP update

  1. Can’t wait to see your sweater—with a yarn like that I bet is is fabulous!!!
    Hope the kids got off to school ok and you are breathing a sigh….

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