August 25th YoP3 update.

You know it is sad when the only tag I could think of for this post is… Frogging.

Working on my 3rd test knit project has been fun… But has also had its challenges… The designers instructions has been worded one way, and I have understood them another…

Only part is… I did not clue into this until I was almost finished the first side to a pair (sorry for sounding so ambiguous… But I can’t delve too much info…).

I was feeling pretty tickled with myself Friday night and took a picture of my accomplishments thus far and emailed it to the designer… And that is where the trouble started…

She and I worked out that I had misunderstood something in the early part of the pattern… And she helped me clarify it…

I had to rip back more than half of what I had done…

The entertaining part to this otherwise frustrating situation was, I started frogging this project while at the doctors office Saturday (yesterday) morning. The looks of complete horror from some of the ladies was so funny… Just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise dreadful situation…

I am at a great point on this project now and am hopeful that I will be completed the first side before I go to be tonight…

Like other projects I am doing… I will wait to get the go ahead from the designer before posting any photographs on my blog or otherwise.

Happy knitting!



7 thoughts on “August 25th YoP3 update.

  1. I hate when I have to frog things….and it’s usually a test knit, too. I don’t often have to frog things from a published pattern. Once in awhile if it’s too small or something.

  2. Ugg, sorry the project had to be knitted so near to completition but I sure would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you were frogging it ! Hope second time round goes right for you.

  3. It’s so annoying when something like that happens! I hope you’ve got the instructions all sorted out now, and are knitting back to where you were. And I would have loved to see the looks on the other patients’ faces as you frogged!

  4. Frogging is just a sad part of a knitter’s life. I am sorry it happened though and hope things are looking better now.

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