August 18th YoP3 update.

This week I have progress to share!

Upon receiving permission from the designer I can show you the results of my first test knit!

“Natknit” from is the designer. You can follow her on Twitter @cloudynatknit

Her pattern design is for the PDX yarncrawl 2014 in Portland Oregon.

It was an easy to follow crochet pattern and I am so happy I volunteered for the chance to do it and help her out!


Since this cowl I have test knit a hat and sweater combo and am currently working on test knitting a set of fingerless gloves. All of which I will be able to post photos of once the patterns are released in the coming weeks.

Doing fingerless gloves is a big deal for me… As I have never done them before… Working on a project with less than size 3 dpns is also a big deal…

This year of projects appears to be taking on a different kind of plan. Yes I will still be making the hats and the socks and the odd random gift for family and friends… But pushing the envelope and getting me out of my comfort zone is a great goal too… Plus I am stash-busting a lot of my current fibre stock… Which is amazing.

Must get back to the fingerless gloves an other Sunday jobs!

Happy knitting.


8 thoughts on “August 18th YoP3 update.

  1. The cowl looks great and I’m sure you’ll manage the fingerless gloves no bother. These yop years are great when you leave room to go off on a side tangent, they can be so much fun.

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