August 11th YoP3 update

This past week was WAY less exciting in my knitting world than last week. Not as many finishes… at least ones I can post photos of – or even talk about…

I consider myself a rather intermediate knitter. Not a beginner but not a highly evolved advanced knitter…. I can follow a patterns and often create things by looking at an example… but I am not confident enough to write my own patterns…

So this is where this blog post is going… amazing women that write patterns… I envy them. One day – I want to be one of them… until then – I think I have come up with a way to get there eventually. I have taken up the challenge of being a test knitter for a couple of designers. This past week I crocheted and knit up two of three items I volunteered to test know. And from all reports – my feedback on the patterns has been well received. I have these cool projects that I normally wouldn’t have made AND I have surprises being mailed to me as we speak! As a thank you for test knitting the patterns.

When the designers give me the ok… I will post photos of the net items I have made… But until then, I have to respect their wishes and not until they have made their patterns available on Ravelry for purchase/download/etc.

Until next week bloggers!



3 thoughts on “August 11th YoP3 update

  1. How exciting and it must be so fun test knitting something. I have only done it once and the item is still my most favoured cowl. I can’t help with the pattern writing thing I am only toe dipping into that area now and I’m very unsure how it will go but it’s exciting.

  2. Good test knitters are amazing people! I bet your input has been really appreciated, and intermediate knitters are the best people to test knit, as they spot the things that don’t make sense, rather than figuring out what the pattern writer means as advanced knitters do

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