August 3rd YoP3 update (aka… What a week!)

Just like the title of this entry! What a week!

I finished the whisper Cardi…. And have worn it almost every day!


I started and finished a Vintage lace bag/purse…. Pattern was originally found on… Search words…. vintage lace bag and crochet.


I like it enough I suppose… Awesome stash busting project. I will likely add a liner to it and gift it at Christmas.

Next…. The grey and black vest of doom… Was (alas) frogged. And the whisper Cardi pattern has been used to start another open front Cardi… That has alternating 3 inch black and grey stripes. Not too far along on it yet… But this is what it looks like so far…


I have a good reason for why the striped Cardi is not as far along as it could be though….
Part way through last week… I think the same evening that I finished the vintage lace bag…. I noticed a tweet come up on my twitter feed from a gal from Portland OR. that I follow. She had just written her first crochet pattern and was looking for some test crocheters. With hook still in hand (from the vintage bag), I sent her a DM and indicated that I hold be thrilled to help her out. Having never done a test-anything before, I was (and still am!) quite excited. So the. Following photo is just a teaser-sample of what is being created 😉


So as you can see… This past week has been very busy… Making my way through projects for the YoP3 group… And constantly taking on new challenges. The amount I take on may dismay some, but I would never have it any other way….


8 thoughts on “August 3rd YoP3 update (aka… What a week!)

  1. You are exceptionally busy this week. Good for you on being on top of things. Your whisper cardi is terrific. I can see why you’re so in love with it.

  2. I love hearing that you wore your Whisper almost every day! Now that’s a successful project.
    I like the Vintage bag, and would definitely line it, but I’m not terribly keen on the edging. Your call thought. Good luck with the test crocheting – I’m too insecure about my skills to take that sort of thing on. Besides, seems like life gets too busy as soon as I take on anything with a deadline 🙂

    • I am o e that likes to follow patterns as best I can. The vintage bag called for that edging… So that is what I did… Not terribly creative… But edged nonetheless…

  3. Your Whisper is just so pretty. Glad you are getting use out of it.

    I have always thought about doing a test knit/crochet but am afraid of deadlines so have never done any. Anxious to see what it is you are making

  4. I am still loving the Whisper cardi and think a project you wear and love wearing everyday deserves to be made again. What a busy week you’ve had and best of luck with the test knitting, how exciting !

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